I am 60 years old and today my paint mare reared and fell on my right leg. Then she turned and began to run. I remembered to lift my toe and the stirrup broke loose. We were riding on about 30 acres. She did step on my leg but nothing was broken. I do believe I am alive today because of my Escape Breakaway stirrups!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you. - Diann Procter

I am very happy with the stirrups I recently purchased. They are comfortable to ride in but as yet I, fortunately, haven't needed to test their release mechanism! I have though used the 'ladder' to get on a tall horse. Much easier than scrambling and a lot more dignified.
Regards -
Sue Doust

I like the stirrups: they are contoured nicely so they feel good to ride with. Whether they perform well in case I fall, I hope I never need to put to the test, but it does give me peace of mind that they have been well tested by you! They look good and perfectly match my saddle.

Kind regards, - Antoinette Augustinus

Love the smartriders.  Fantastic invention.  I have told everyone about them and will definitely recommend them to people. Cheers, - Sue Parkinson

I just love my new Escape Breakaway stirrups.  I feel so safe and secure in my treeless saddle knowing that should i have a fall i know I won't get dragged.  Myh treeless saddle has large D rings that the stirrup leathers attach to.  They don't slide off  like normal saddles.  The stirrups are comfortable and supportive. 
the Breakaway stirrups are such a great safe product that they should be mandatory for all pony clubbers and HRCAV members for rallies and compertitions just like a helmet. Great product and especially they are Australian made

Well done,Leah Hepworth

I  recently attended a seminar with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and was quite impressed with the Smartrider Irons their instructors were using.
I live in Kansas City, MO, USA, and would like to know the cost of a pair of adult irons including shipping.
Thank you, -
Teri Smith

Congratulations on a great product. My husband and I think they should be made compulsory, and considered standard safety equipment for all horse riders just as hard hats are. We'll certainly make sure our little grandson has them when he starts to ride (he's only 18 months now!). I'm a member of a trail riding club, and they would be great for all those riders too.

Best wishes, - Sue Jarvis

A few years ago I had a bad fall in NSW. After driving 13 hours to arrive at the Australian Youth Show Jumping Festival in Nowra, I was warming up for my first class on the first day of competition. Coming into an oxer my horse stopped very suddenly, and I got thrown off. I slammed face first into the rail, somersaulted and landed wound up in the pole. With fear of a broken back, which thankfully turned out not to be the case, I was airlifted to Sydney Children’s Hospital where I had to stay for a week before flying home.

After this happened I was obviously nervous about getting back on my horse and very scared about falling off again. One day our family friend Paul Davenport was over and he brought a pair of Smart Rider safety stirrups and I’ve been riding in them ever since. I feel so much safer riding in them and I would highly recommend to anyone. Whether a child on their first pony or an Olympian, I think that these stirrups are one of the best ways to help ensure your safety when riding.

- Emma Liarakos

I just wanted to say, I have had a pair of these for about a year or so, and I love them. Would never ride without them again - they have worked every time I've fallen off, and once I think saved me from being dragged seriously.

Thank you for making a wonderful safety product - they are great to use and I will never go back to normal stirrup irons ever again as I would not feelsafe without my smartrider stirrups :) - Jodi

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